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Staff On Track

Ensure your staff are on track

Our learning and development programs for staff are very practical.  They include programs to support staff to understand what behaviours are appropriate in the workplace, performance management processes and how staff can get the most value from them. We work with staff to understand the need for and to deal with change.   We even make learning policies fun!


If you are after a module that is not listed just ask us and it is likely we can develop it for you.


We have developed e-learning tools previously, so speak to us to see if e-learning could be useful for your organisation e.g. for Inductions/Orientations and meeting compliance requirements.

 (See also Managers On Track and Training Needs Assessment)

Staff On Track Modules


Supporting Above the Line Behaviours
  • What is Bullying & Harassment?
  • What is Sexual Harassment
  • What is Discrimination
  • What is Occupational Violence
  • What is Victimisation
  • What happens when a complaint is made
  • Extensive use of case studies – fun and interactive


Performance Appraisals
  • Why & How
  • Effective discussions
  • Identifying issues
  • Receiving Feedback
  • Setting Goals


What are in our policies?
  • What are my rights and obligations?


Understanding Different Personalities
  • What is my personality?
  • What personalities do I struggle with?
  • What happens when my personality gets stressed?
  • How to communicate effectively with other personalities?


Determining Staff Values

Understanding Accountability

Understanding and Dealing with Change

Time Management


Public Speaking/Presentation Skills
  • With a HR OnTrack Consultant and a Professional Actor
  • “Stunned Rabbit” Public Speaking Program is also available – for those who are petrified of public speaking


Graduate Programs
  • Induction
  • Ongoing training (competency based